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Parker Solar Probe's First Launch Attempt Scrubbed

August 11, 2018
  • NASA Live Stream

The launch of Delta IV Heavy for NASA's Parker Solar Probe mission was scrubbed just under 2 minutes from liftoff after a gaseous helium regulator pressure alarm caused a hold in the countdown.

United Launch Alliance's Delta IV Heavy was poised on the launch pad at Space Launch Complex 37 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. Just a few hours before launch time, the weather forecast had improved from 80% to 95% chance of favorable conditions at launch time. After an initial planned launch time of 03:33 AM EDT, teams worked a technical anomaly, holding the count and pushing back liftoff time to 03:53 AM. Following additional work on the issue, Delta IV Heavy was given the GO to proceed with a new liftoff target at 04:28 AM.

However, after resuming the count at T-00:04:00 with just 10 minutes left in the launch window, a "HOLD HOLD HOLD" call was given at T-00:01:55. The launch was subsequently scrubbed due to a gaseous helium regulator pressure alarm. Launch teams moved to a 24-hour recycle process and will work the issue.

The next launch attempt will be Sunday at 03:31 AM EDT / 07:31 UTC. The current weather forecast shows a 60% chance of favorable conditions at launch time. Additional launch attempts will be available throughout the mission's launch period until August 23, 2018.

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