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About RocketLaunch.Live

At RocketLaunch.Live, we are dedicated to being the most up-to-date and accurate source of information about orbital rocket launches worldwide.

Never again wonder when or where to watch the next rocket launch! You can always head to our main page for live coverage of the active launch at any given time.

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Special Thanks

RocketLaunch.Live's data is derived and curated from many different sources, with special thanks to Jonathan McDowell for his priceless catalogue of historical launch information, which provided the foundation for our launch data prior to 2017.


The information and data provided by RocketLaunch.Live are for informational purposes only and comes with no guarantees or warranties with respect to accuracy. All information is subject to change. We do our best to find the most recent and accurate information, but you should always verify via other sources before taking action.

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